Weekly Picks of Stocks (12/27/2021)

News this week…

Santa Claus Rally: Spans a 7 day trading period at the end of each year and first 2 trading dates of the new year. Historically stock markets have risen 76% of the time. No similar patterns have been noticed in any other 7 days trading period of the year.

Nothing to be too excited about as the average gains are only about 1.5%.

What is worth knowing however, is that if the rally doesn’t happen in the 7 days then the following year the markets were historically bearish. In both 2000(dot com bust) & 2008 (financial crisis) the Santa Claus rally didn’t happen prior to the bear market.

No major companies are reporting Q3 earnings this week.

The following is a list of stocks for the week of Dec 20, 2021 – Dec 23, 2021 that show bullish and bearish trends.

The bullish matches – Oversold RSI

Ticker Company Name Date Chart Type RSI
AGNC American Capital Agency Dec 20, 2021 Hammer 28.31
SITE Siteone Landscape Supply Dec 20, 2021 Hammer 28.2
RETA Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc Dec 23, 2021 Harami 19.99

The bearish matches – Overbought RSI

Ticker Company Name Date Chart Type RSI
NKTR Nektar Therapeutics Dec 21, 2021 Deliberation 70.06
VCRA Vocera Dec 21, 2021 Deliberation 72.87
ITCI Intra-Cellular Therapies Dec 23, 2021 Deliberation 73.8
ITOS Iteos Therapeutics Inc Dec 23, 2021 Deliberation 80.8

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