Weekly Picks of Stocks (June 29, 2020)

All 3 major indices(Dow Jones, S&P500 & Nasdaq) closed down last week.  Several states(Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada) showed sharp spike in their Covid-19 cases.  As a country US reported the highest daily cases the past week.

Experts claim this is not due to increased testing.  As a result those states are either re-closing the businesses or pausing their re-opening all together.

The increase was widely seen as the reason for the decline the past week.  Although most states are showing a decline in Covid-19 cases.

This week June’s jobs numbers will be released on Thursday.  Consensus is that it will show more jobs were added in June compared to May.  Unemployment numbers are also expected to decline.

What will the investors value this week?  Job or Covid-19 numbers?

Check our Top 5 stocks from the Energy Sector or Communications Sector for some ideas.

The following is a list of stocks for the week of Jun 22, 2020 – Jun 26, 2020 that show bullish and bearish trends.

The bullish matches – Oversold RSI

Ticker Company Name Date Chart Type RSI
GILT Gilat Satellite Networks Jun 25, 2020 Hammer 27.8
THS Treehouse Foods Jun 26, 2020 Harami 28.86

The bearish matches – Overbought RSI

Ticker Company Name Date Chart Type RSI
BMRN BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. Jun 22, 2020 Harami Cross 72.99
ACTG Acacia Research Jun 22, 2020 Hanging Man 74.31
AGTC Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation Jun 23, 2020 Hanging Man 77.14
CLCT Collectors Universe Jun 23, 2020 Belt Hold 75.21
CLCT Collectors Universe Jun 24, 2020 Three Outside Down 71.77
NVAX Novavax, Inc. Jun 26, 2020 Evening Star 74.21


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